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Crafted on request, every Juals piece is custom-made, eradicating surplus waste. All pieces are handmade in Belgium. Our timeless collection is intentionally unisex, ensuring versatility for all – M, F, or X. Celebrating individuality, Juals invites you to “Unveil your (inner) sculpture” through every handcrafted piece. We embrace the diversity of humanity, offering jewelry that resonates with your distinct identity. Join us in celebrating the beauty of personal expression – where wearable sculptures transform into statements of your innermost self.



For custom creations or pieces in luxe materials like full gold, white gold or platinum contact us. We take pleasure in crafting your unique signature piece.



Crafted uniquely for you, each piece takes 15-20 days to handcraft, followed by meticulous quality control before shipping.Shipping times and costs vary by country, offering worldwide delivery options. All orders are provided with a tracking number.



Due to the personalized, handmade nature of each order, we're unable to accept returns or provide refunds for changes of heart. Please choose carefully when ordering your jewel and make sure to pick the right size. Upholding this policy also allows you and Juals to make a positive contribution to environmental preservation.



Every handmade piece arrives with a dedicated jewelry box—optimal for storage due to its dry, dark environment, preventing potential scratches. Additionally, each piece includes a soft cloth for cleaning; refrain from using any cleaning products or soap. To maintain its pristine condition, it's advisable to avoid wearing the piece during physical activities, bathing, or exposure to sweat, water, soap, and other liquids.



Enjoy a six-month warranty on all gold-plated pieces. Following this period, consider our gold touch-up service, with pricing based on weight. Uncover peace of mind with a substantial twelve-month warranty covering hidden flaws. For other repairs, pricing is contingent on the intricacy of the work required.


Craftmanship and values
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